Our invisible back-office team. Every aspect of your project is minutely scrutinized...until all team members agree that "We've Got It Right !

Believe it or not they have been known to "put a round peg into a square hole"

Now!... I think we've got It!

Our fields of expertise include, but not limited to:

SOCIO-ECONOMIC ENGINEERING: Project Management For Emerging/Developing Markets

Loan Guarantee Solutions (Bankstreet STC Captive Bank)

Capital Loans and Investments (In-House and Accredited Investors)

Insurance Guarantees and Wraps

Private Investments For Accredited Investors

Creative Loan/Borrowing Solutions (Socio-Economic Engineering Group)

Business Restructuring

Private Banking Solutions For Projects (Non-U.S. Banks)

Investment  Strategies For Accredited Investors

Real Estate Development for Affordable Housing Projects in the Caribbean Region (We do not fund or support luxury housing or resorts projects).

Through our affiliate companies,  we also manage and invest in projects in the following areas:

  • Special Purpose Trusts
  • Affordable  Housing Construction Projects Caribbean Region (prefab )
  • Discount retail stores for Local Consumption
  • Consumer products and services
  • Business services/outsourcing (including technology and software tools)
  • Education and training services (for-profit) and products
  • Factoring for small corporate accounts.